Peridot: A brief history


 If some gemstone really has a really fascinating past, it is none other than Peridot, that has been serving in many various well-known civilizations and cultures for quite some time. Spiritual leaders and religious head used peridot for many different purposes and regarded the stone for its exceptional and inspiring healing powers. Peridot used to be mined even in the days way back 1500 BC as some descriptions about this gemstones have been found on pre-historic den's walls. Though the mention of this gemstone has been done in many different manuscripts of old civilizations, in ancient Egypt we find a lot of tales related to this stones. Many people believe that Cleopatra’s well-known emeralds were actually peridots , but they were reckoned emeralds at that time.

It is true that history of peridot is quite different from almost all well-known gemstones. Aside from diamonds and peridots, almost all well known gemstones form in the crust of the earth and that is the thing which makes these stones quite different from others. Peridot and diamonds are two of those gemstones that form much deeper in the earth and  come up because of volcanic or tectonic activity.

In ancient world, Topazos Island was the main source of peridot, the stone was also abundantly found at St. John’s Island in the Egyptian Red Sea. The mention of this stone is also found in the history of Pliny.

In Zabargad this stone has been ceaselessly mined for more than 3500 years, but it is also interesting to note that exact location of that island was rediscovered in 1905 after quite a long, long time. This small island remains under fog throughout the year.

But after the Second World War, mining came to an end on this island. These days there are five sources where this gemstone is mined. Fine quality are found in Burma, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This stone is also mined in New Mexico and Arizona, but the stone is not the same exceptional quality, as it is Pakistan or some other places.

The stone has somewhat an everlasting mystical reputation and is being used as talisman for quite some time. Its magical powers are used to ward off anxiety, and men become more articulate. It is also believed that the stone proves quite effective to promote success in marriage and relationships.
 source : Gemology News & Forum
lily pad halo in Peridot
 Lily-pad halo and doubling in Peridot